Antique Map Africa


  • 1719 Mallet Map of the Source of the Nile, Ethiopia (Abyssinia)
  • Africa Egypt Nile pyramids sea monster ship 1599 Ruscelli early map Rosaccio
  • 1866 Albert Nyanza 2vols 1st Ed Nile Source Baker Africa Maps Old Antique Book
  • Rare Original 1809 Antique World Map AFRICA Morocco Casablanca Egypt Sahara Nile
  • HJB-Antique Maps Map of Egypt & the Nile River By Covens & Mortier Date 1745
  • Egypt Africa Nile Arabia c. 1650 antique map de la Rue & Marietta hand color
  • Barbary Tunis Nile Mercator Sanson 1734 Antique Map 30240
  • 1850 Large Antique Hand Coloured Map Aegyptus Ancient Egypt Nile Delta Cairo
  • 1850 Spruner Antique Historical Map Arabia Aethiopia Egypt Nile Delta Memphis
  • North Africa Nile source Mts. Of Moon 1599 Ruscelli fine old miniature map
  • Blackland Redland In African Nile Valley Art Geology And Ancient Maps
  • Rare Original 1759 Antique World Continent Map AFRICA Morocco Egypt Sahara Nile
  • 1755 HUGE MAP of North AFRICA Egypt Tripoli Syria Nile Barbary Sahara ATLAS