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1835 Bradford Map of the Ancient World (Europe, Asia, Africa)

1835 Bradford Map of the Ancient World (Europe, Asia, Africa)

1835 Bradford Map of the Ancient World (Europe, Asia, Africa)
1835 Bradford Map of the Ancient World (Europe, Asia, Africa). WE SELL ONLY ORIGINAL ANTIQUE MAPS - NOT REPRODUCTIONS. Title: The World as known to the Ancients. Description: This is an uncommon and attractive 1835 map of the Ancient World, including Asia, Europe and Africa by the important American mapmaker T. The map shows the Ancient World during the time of the Ancient Roman Empire from the Atlantic Ocean to China in Asia and from the Indian Ocean to the North Sea. All of Europe, Arabia, part of Asia including the Indian Subcontinent and the northern part of Africa is included. The map shows Scythia intra Imaum and Scythia extra Imaum, the region of Scythia as it was known during the time of the Roman Empire, divided by Mount Imaum. Various ancient cities, towns, rivers, mountains and other topographical details are marked. A note under the title reads'This map contains all the parts of which it is thought the Ancients had any knowledge. The Roman Empire was established in 27 BC after Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus, the grandnephew and heir of Julius Caesar was awarded the honorific title of Augustus.

During the time of the Empire, Roman cities flourished. Trade spread as far as India, Russia, China and Southeast Asia.

However, the sheer size of the Empire and its success also contributed to its downfall. The Western Roman Empire collapsed in AD 476, when Romulus Augustulus was deposed by the German Odovacer. The Eastern Roman Empire, evolving into the Byzantine Empire, survived until the Ottoman Turks captured Constantinople in 1453. The map was published as plate no.

Bradford's 1835 Comprehensive Atlas Geographical, Historical and Commercial. ‰ Bradford's atlas, published in 1835 was an important work on many levels. ‰ First, it was one of the first American atlases to follow an encyclopedic format, offering readers extensive geographical and statistical tables to supplement the maps themselves. ‰ Second, it was published in Boston and influenced the city's rise as a publishing center later in the 19th century (at the time most publishing in the United States was restricted to New York and Philadelphia). ‰ Third, this atlas was the first to contain a separate and specific map showing the Republic of Texas.

‰ Fourth and finally, Bradford's atlas in some instances broke the Euro-centric mold regarding atlas production. ‰ Among other things, Bradford focused his atlas on the Americas and abandoned the classical decoration common in European atlases in favor of a more informational and inherently American approach. Bradford published this atlas in several editions and with various partners. ‰ The first edition was published by William D. Ticktor and did not contain the iconic Republic of Texas map (although we have in fact seen Ticktor examples with a Texas map, suggesting, against conventional wisdom, that there may have been two Ticktor editions).

‰ The second official edition, published in the same year by the American Stationers Company, was the first to contain the Republic of Texas map, which is based on Austin's map, with two pages of descriptive text. ‰ A third edition was issued in 1836, also by American Stationers (though still dated 1835), and contained an unaltered Republic of Texas map with only a single page of descriptive text. ‰ A fourth edition appeared later, possibly 1837, and included an updated and revised map of Texas that replaces the old Mexican land grants with new inchoate counties. The maps from this atlas are an important addition to any collection focusing on early American cartography and Republic of Texas cartography. All maps in this atlas, though not specifically noted as such, were most likely engraved by G. Boynton of Boston, who also engraved most‰ of the maps for Bradford's later publication. Size: Printed area measures 8.5 inches high by 10.5 inches wide.

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1835 Bradford Map of the Ancient World (Europe, Asia, Africa)